Itransparenttv is a professional manufacturer that can provide the transparent TV or transparent display products. Our products can work very well in your country and its quality is very good. When you buy the see through TV from us, we will pack the product well and we support the door to door services. You don’t need to worry about anything.

Itransparenttv can provide custom transparent TV and we have lots of products with different functions for selection. The enclosure, mounting method, functions and so on are all custom. For example, the transparent TV display with touch screen can be used in restaurants and the users can place their orders and pay on the screen. That’s so cool.

Itransparenttv has many engineers with rich experiences. The design software we commonly used has AutoCAD, Solidworks and so on. If you can design by yourself, you can send the mechanical drawing to us, we will make for you. If you can’t design, you can send your detail requirements to us, we will design and make according to your requirements.

The followings are some commonly used transparent TV display products with different functions. You can choose the best one for your application.

Details of transparent TV

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TTV is the standard 55 inch transparent TV. It’s very smart and uses Android system. TTV is a kind of network TV. You can link it to the network through a cable or WiFi. You can install or delete various APPs very easily, such as Youtube, Google Play,facebook and many others.

TTV transparent TV like a smart phone. You can browse the web and play games. You can use it to watch TV and movies online. TTV has an excellent memory(2G + 16G) which allow you to download more applications, movies, etc.

According to the appearance, TTV can be divided into 2 types: desktop type and cabinet type.

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Desktop type

The TV is placed on the top of desk or table. Such transparent TV is the most widely used. It’s price is better than the second type.

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Cabinet type

The clear TV is hidden in the cabinet. You can not find the television when you don’t use it. When you turn on the power, the TV can be raised automatically. When you turn off the power, the TV will be hidden in the cabinet again.

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TCM transparent TV monitor is a simple computer monitor with see through screen. The screen size is 55 inch and the resolution is 1920 x 1080. TCM has a HDMI input port. You can use the HDMI cable to connect it to your computer.

Touch screen is optional for TCM series transparent TV monitor. It can replace the keyboard and mouse. The monitor with touch screen is interactive. You can use your fingers or touch pen to input instructions. The number of touch points can be single, double or multi touch points.

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TDS transparent TV display is a kind of digital signage which is used to play the advertisements, introductions of products etc. It’s widely used in lots of places, such as companies, museums, shops, exhibition halls and so on. For example, lots of companies use it to play their histories and plans to the customers. The museums use it to display the introduction of the exhibits.

TDS signage can play the video, PPT, PDF and lots of other files automatically. You will get a free software when you buy such product from us. The software is used to manage all of your signage. You can use it to set the playback sequence, playback time etc. The software can split the transparent TV screen into several parts and different parts display different contents.

It’s very convenient to use the software to manage all of your digital signage. You just need to install the software in your computer, then you can manage at anytime and anywhere. For example, you transparent TV digital signage is in USA, but you can update the display content in Canada.

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TKK transparent TV is a kind of kiosk. It’s used to provide important information or guide to the customers. For example, lots of shopping malls use such kiosk to display the floor information and store locations.

TKK transparent TV kiosk is commonly used with touch screen. The users can use their fingers to select the item they need. They can interact with the kiosk machine. Lots of components can be installed on the TKK, such as camera, printer, POS machine, etc.

For instance, many TKK transparent kiosks with POS machine and printer are used in the restaurants. The customers can place their order and pay online. Such amazing and high-end kiosks can help to attract a lot of customers.

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TAC transparent TV is a kind of all in one computer. In fact, LG 55 inch transparent OLED screen is the core component of transparent display product and the functions depend on what kind of control board they use. If use the TV control board, the display product is a see through television. If use the computer mother board, then it’s a all in one computer.

TAC use the industrial grade computer mother board. You can use it do anything that you can do with a common computer, such as install or delete software, play games and so on.