How to carry transparent screen television

Although the transparent TV is amazing, it’s not as strong as common television. The common television has a strong enclosure to protect inner components. However, the thickness of OLED screen of transparent screen teevision is just about 1.7 mm and there are just one piece or two pieces of clear glass to protect the screen. So, you have to be very careful.

At least two people are needed when you want to carry or take the see through TV out of package. Hold the base with the one of the your hands so that the entire weight of the TV rests on that hands. Your another hands just needs to keep the TV from swinging and then put it where you want it.

The transparent screen television with cabinet is much more stronger. Its television screen is hidden in the cabinet. It’s very important to be slow down. The price of see through television is much higher than common television. No one want to spend much money on a television, but find it’s broken when they turn on the TV.

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