What is transparent screen television

Transparent TV is a kind of television that you can see through. It also can be called see through TV or clear screen TV. When the television is on or off, you can see the things behind of the television through the screen. Although there are lots of kinds of new televisions with superior performance and characteristics in the market, such as frame TV, QLED TV, 8K TV and so on, the clear screen TV is the most amazing.

Transparent screen TV is not the latest product. It was available from August 2020. Although it’s not the latest, this does not affect its appeal to people. Imagine that you have a television which looks like the clear glass. It’s ultra thin and you can see through it. It’s so amazing to use such television to watch TV.

In addition, some more high-end clear screen TVs are hidden in the very fashion cabinets. When you turn on the power, the transparent television will automatically rise up from the cabinet. When you turn off the power, the TV will be hidden in the cabinet again. Your friends will envy you very much if they know that you have such a product at home.

The transparent screen television is made by OLED screen and at present, the only available screen size is 55 inch. OLED is a kind of display technology which is very different with LCD. Its pixel points can be self luminous. Such feature makes transparency possible. The LCD screen can’t  illuminate themselves. It needs the backlight to light up the screen so that you can see the content. Itransparenttv has plenty of transparent TV for sale.

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TTV series is the transparent television. Its function is the same with the smart TV. You can use it to watch movies, news and so on.

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TCM series is the transparent computer display monitor. Touch screen is optional. You need to connect it to your computer to use it.

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TDS series is the transparent digital signage with android system. You can use it to play the advertisements. You can use the software to split the screen into several parts and different parts display different content.

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TKK series is the transparent kiosk. Touch screen is optional. It can be used in restaurant, shopping mall and many other places. The customers can place orders and pay online.

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TAC series is the transparent all in one computer. Touch screen is optional. It has the computer mother board. You can use it to play games or do anything that the computer can do.

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Amazing functions of transparent screen television

May be you think that transparent screen television is just a clear television and Its functions are the same with the common TV. You can only use it to watch TV series, movies, news and so on. However, this idea is wrong. In fact, for the manufacturer, any functions are available.

The functions of transparent screen television depend on the control board they used. The manufacturer can install different control boards on the see through television. If it is a TV control board, then the function is smart television. If it’s a simple PC monitor drive board, then the function is a transparent computer monitor. If the control board is smart driver board with operating system, then the function is the same with the digital signage or kiosk.

The transparent screen television with different functions have different application scenarios. For more information, please read the next chapter.

Size and resolution

Our transparent screen television is made by LG 55 inch OLED screen, so only 55 inch is available. If there are more sizes of available transparent OLED screen in future, we will update our products. The resolution of see through television is 1920 x 1080. Although 4K resolution is the most popular for television, 1920 x 1080 is also clear enough.

Many customers want to know why there is no 4K transparent screen television. That’s because the resolution is limited by the transparency. The higher the resolution, the lower the transparency. 1920 x 1080 means there are 1920 x 1080 pixel dots on 55 inch screen. 4k means there are 3840 x 2160 pixel dots on 55 inch screen.

The more the pixel dots, the fewer the light can pass through the screen and the harder you can see through. 4K resolution is 4 times of 1920 x 1080. With the development of technology, may be there will be 4K transparent screen television in future, but now, only 1920 x 1080 is available.

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